Science exhibition

There were a few speed bumps along the way, but the wait was well worth it. We at ‘The Amaatra Academy’ were finally able to unveil our science fest to the community. Our Science teachers helped us achieve our goals every step of the way.

The exhibition saw participation from grades 5 to 10. We were all honored and graced by the presence of our chief guest Colonel Gopal T Kaushik. The projects displayed were a result of a long month of hard work and dedication.

There was a sense of anticipation in the air, the students looked expectantly. At around 10.30 the floodgates opened and the parents poured in wave after wave endlessly. The parents inspected each project and showered the students with question, and the students rose to the occasion and answered all their queries. Some of the most popular stands displayed included the hologram, drug test, darkness sensing light, colour detecting car, rocket fuel and the quad copter. As time passed the tension in the room was replaced by a rather joyous mood. The parents were delighted to see all the models and their pride was evident from the fact that they were crowding around to take pictures and selfies along with their children’s and their projects.

At about 12:30 the crowd slowly reduced, as if the floodgate was repaired and the rushing water controlled. As the parents departed, all that was left were the students and a memories that each and every one of us would cherish forever.

Investiture Ceremony

A completely colourful day, when the bygone leaders make way for the new leaders to shoulder responsibilities to lead forward the hopeful students of their respective houses. The school captain, the vice-captain, the cultural captain, the sports captain, the four house captains and vice-captains take oath and assume responsibilities and duties. This marks the beginning of an active academic year.

Christmas celebrations – carol singing by students of grade 1-8

Students at ‘The Amaatra Academy’, celebrated the spirit of Christmas with joy and cheer. The festivities included Christmas carols singing and delicious holiday treats in the form of class parties. Children had a great time participating in the games and activities. All had a great time!

Science Festival

This fest is a great platform for students to work in a team and put forth scientific skills and concepts in the form of models and projects.

The event promises a feast of experiments and hands –on fun for students.


Debates are a very important tool to understand, analyze and discuss issues of public interest.
Students learn to reason and rhetoric – techniques of persuasion.
Inter class and school competitions are held annually


Model United Nations, is an educational simulation and / or academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations.
MUN involves and teaches research, Public speaking, debating and Writing skills in addition to Critical thinking. The school has a very active MUN body.
Many coveted awards are won by students at MUN competitions every year.

Sports Events

Academic learning and sports go hand in hand for the holistic development of a child.
If academic education offers development of the overall personality, pupil gets the qualities of leadership, tolerance, sharing and team-spirit from sports.

Teachers’ Day Celebration

All over the world, Teacher’s Day celebrations are undertaken to honour teachers for their sincere efforts to impart knowledge to their students. By having celebrations on Teacher’s Day, we convey the message that we care for our teachers, just as they do. Celebrating the festival is the recognition of the devotion, with which, teachers undertake the responsibility of educating a child academically as well as morally. Teachers are a significant part of everyone’s life. They show us the right path and groom us to become a better citizen and a better person. They teach us to face the most difficult challenges of life and get through them, easily.Teacher’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for the students to extend their sincere gratitude to their teachers, for being an influential part of their life.

Independance day celebrations

The whole country brims with life and activity to mark the day of Independence, the struggle for which has left an indelible mark on the Indian history and its ethos. It is a country wide celebration and our school, ‘The Amaatra Academy’ joins in as a musician in an orchestra. The school premises is adorned and the students come dressed in ethnic wear in celebration of the rich diversity which is our country’s pride and its strength. Various programmes are staged with the central theme in mind. The struggle to freedom was not an easy journey. This reminds us the value of freedom and its prize of loss.


Quiz is the game of the mind. Players answer questions spontaneously under pressure. A very important form of education, that exposes children to various subjects.


Students run for different posts and launch election campaigns to compete for different posts.

Hindi Diwas Celebrations

The school celebrated Hindi Diwas on 15th September 2016. The celebration began with loud cheers for the national language. The students from different classes showcased the immense glory of Hindi language through interesting plays, dance performance, songs and poems. A few selected students enlightened on the importance and impact of our National language, Hindi. The highlights of the day were the thought provoking speeches by the students. every language is a rich treasure which we must learn to appreciate and respect.

    • Kannada Rajyothsava day by the students of grade 1-5
    • Grandparents’ day

Gratitude is the best attitude. Our grandparents have sacrificed everything it takes to make children successful in life. Years of experience have made them wise, wear and tear has made them tough, understanding life in depth has made them soft, kind and loving which needs to be celebrated and not forgotten. At ‘Amaatra’ we decided to host a celebration of ‘The Grandparents Day’.Our primary motivation was to champion the cause of the elderly and to spread the awareness among the young, the need to care and honour them. We hoped to persuade grandchildren to tap the wisdom and heritage their grandparents could provide.

The day unwrapped itself gradually like the bud spreading its fragrance, quietly and evidently all around. The following events were conducted:

      • Clay modelling
      • Puppetry
      • fun games

Cultural programme by students
Good many grandparents expressed their words of appreciation towards the school for being sensitive and thoughtful. The day is incomplete without the evening.


On July 1st and 2nd, The Amaatra Academy hosted its first MUN, ‘A MUN 2016’. Despite being the school’s first MUN, everything had been ground to perfection. 150 Delegates from 30 schools all across Bengaluru attained new levels of diplomacy and public speaking in their committees. The MUN had various, interesting agendas such as the Sunni-Shia conflict of the ISIS committee, the EU-crisis of the ECOSOC and the role of PMC’S in modern warfare of the DISEC. The conference also had its unique ISIS crisis J.C.C which worked side by side where the crisis committee received constant updates.

The E.B members of each committee too were the crème-de-lacreme of the MUN circuit featuring names such as Kiran Suryananrayan, Bharath Gururagavendran, Siddarth Abraham, Jonathan Bhavnasi and Anish Anandaram. They made sure that debates were of the highest quality. The conference secretariat members too were well known names in the MUNning community. Vaibhav Mopidevi and Chiranth Jawahar were the General Secretary and the Under Secretary General of the conference.

The MUN saw active participation from students within our school, a reason why A MUN 2016 was truly a class apart under the guidance and continued support of our very able teacher coordinator for the MUN: Mrs. Jyothi Kukreja.

  • Inter school Debate & Quiz Competition

  • School annual function “Dhwani 2016”

    • elements in the cultural extravaganza:

      • Dramatics

        • involved stage setup, lighting, props making & setup apart from voice modulations, dialogues & acting

      • Dance

        • formations in group-dance, depiction of story through dance & pantomime in dance

      • Puppetry

        • face puppets

        • Bunraku puppets

        • shadow puppets

      • music

        • background score

        • choir

      • Audio-Visuals

    • Theme:

      • the theme of the annual day revolved around drawing parallels of modern theory of evolution & Ancient Indian Dashavataar.

      • seven stages of theory of evolution were compared to seven avataars of Vishnu & was taken further three more avataars that would logically conclude the theory of evolution.

Thanksgiving assembly organised for the support staff by the students of 5th grade.

No school could smoothly function without the presence of the support staffs. Recognizing the vitality of their service and in response to what they render, the students of the 5th grade not only thought of a day but actualized it by hosting an assemble to honour them.