A world-class week boarding program that aims at providing a residential lifestyle with an environment that caters to the holistic development and success of our students.

What is the week boarding program?

A one stop solution for Business and Working Professionals aiming to provide an optimal educational ecosystem for their children

  • Structured and monitored holistic education during weekdays
  • Quality time with parents during the weekends

Salient Features

  • India’s first college-preparatory school
  • Teachers available on campus for guidance and mentoring
  • Optimized study hours to prepare students for the weekly CBSE board and competitive tests
  • World-Class fully furnished residential facility – from Monday to Friday for week boarders and regular residential program (Full boarding)
  • Focused study hours, revision programs and assessments
  • Students from Bangalore may go home every alternate weekend
  • GPRS enabled transport facility
  • Life Skills and Leadership Programs for the ethical and moral development
  • Sports, Yoga and playtime facilities for students
  • Secure and well monitored campus
  • Sick Bay with doctor on Call
  • Modern catering facilities with hygienic and wholesome food
  • Regular parent-teacher interactions/meetings

Our Residential Programme is The Realization of Self – Reliance & Self –  Sufficiency 

Be an AMAATRAITE and be a Self - Reliant & Self -  Sufficient Person!

Day Schedule

6:00am to 7:00am – Study hour/yoga

8:00am to 3:40pm – School

4:00pm to 5:00pm – Playtime

5:00pm to 8:30pm – Special coaching classes/study hour/revisions/tests etc..

What Students say

  • Ankitha has chosen to switch to PCBPE, But we will help on the maths needed, for other subjects as muc h as possible, and would need your support too. She is working hard, hopefully she’ll have better results and show for it next time. Thank you teachers for the teaching and encouragement.

    Ankitha Ajith
  • Thank you mam for guiding the student to work hard and ask doubts on the same day. Harshal like school environment and method of teaching here. He is hard working and obedient, we request you to motivate him to excel in studies. He is a good football player. Encourage him to balance between sports & regular studies.Thanks a lot.

    Harshal Mehta
  • Thanks to all the teachers for their dedication and hard work put in teaching these kids

    Aditi Rao
  • Excellent support. Will work out with plan suggested by Gauri mam

    Arushi Pandey
  • Thank you for your feedback and guidance

    Angelia Joly
  • Thanks for personal guidance. The SMS communications are useful

    BV Srinivas rao
  • Chirag needs help in all the subjects. Please help him in concentrating in class.Not happy with his performance.

    Chirag S Reddy
  • Teachers are explaining the concepts well. She needs to work a little hard

    Darshana Shaji
  • Overall we found the teaching approach good for kids. Specially when they transiting from 10th to 11th grade.

    Ishita Bihwal
  • Overall O/S. Need to give due care to extra curricular activities too. Need to control the size of school bag.

    Elvin Varghese
  • Thank you for the feedback from teachers. He needs to put in more practice.

    Jonah Saju
  • The PTM was a very informative interactive session.

    Keerthana S
  • Satisfied with the school and the attention being imparted on each individual students.

    Manish Danda
  • Generally happy with the progress and attention. Will work out on the feedback and suggestions given for improvement, Thank you.

    Mathuvanthi K R
  • The student is still adopting to her new school environment with such a busy schedule. She will put in more efforts to better her grades.She has inbitition and does’nt openuo. Please encourage her, Thank you.

    Medha Mohan
  • Thank you for your suggestions about her performance and your guidelines.

    Milana S
  • Thank you very much for the strategy’s applied in terms of weekly exams and evaluations. We believe steady progress in competitive exams and time management for Hemantha, some support required on competitive exams.

    Nukala Hemantha