The Amaatra Academy is a CBSE school that is currently open for admissions to standard 1 to 11 for the academic year starting June 2019. It is India’s first co-educational college-preparatory school. It offers holistic education, mentoring and lifestyle that equip students to compete for prestigious colleges the world over.The Amaatra Academy’s motto is to nurture a child steadily and sensitively while keeping a keen eye on his/ her absorbent mind and developmental needs.Children of today are living in an evolving world, the pace of which was never seen before.Today’s children are focused, aware and conscious and need a learning environment which is contemporary, safe and stimulating.At Amaatra Academy, we strive to deliver a holistic approach to education that arouses curiosity and fulfills the child’s physical, intellectual and emotional needs.

Our Mission

Is to help students fulfill potential by installing in them the love of learning, enquiry and knowledge. In this way, we will help them achieve the best possible qualification for higher education and beyond.

To learn more about our outstanding facilities and well rounded curriculum, we invite you to visit our campus.