Our Faculty

Our faculty comprises dedicated and inspirational teachers with impeccable qualifications, extensive expertise, experience and an overriding commitment to the welfare of their students. We have carefully hand-picked experienced staff members who will also help students navigate the application process for different colleges and choose paths that will speed them on their way to their career goals.

In today’s relentlessly knowledge-driven world, teaching is also about learning and we constantly find ways to provide opportunity for further training as well as introducing teaching innovations. The majority of our staff stay on campus and this allows them to attentive to student needs even after school hours. Their involved goes way beyond academics and faculty members will guide and mentor students, participating enthusiastically in all their pursuits at school. This atmosphere of inspired teaching and engaged learning fosters close bonds between the faculty and students Community.

Our faculty aims to energize and motivate students through innovative methods and hands-on experimentation and project work.