Investiture Ceremony

“Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader…They are out to make a difference. It’s never about the role …It’s always about the goal. “

The students of The Amaatra Academy came together as a school to celebrate the victory and acknowledge the leadership of the most deserving school office bearers, on the 27th of July 2023.The dignitaries along with the teachers and students commenced the ceremony by acknowledging with gratitude the office bearers for their hard work and dedication.

The prayer followed with its solemnity, post which the chief guest, Brigadier Shekhar Naidu was introduced.
Brigadier Shekhar Naidu had served in extremely challenging and remote locations, and also has been a faculty in various defense colleges. He was welcomed and was presented with a token.

This was followed by the much-anticipated pinning of badges and oath taking ceremony. The chief guest, along with the principals donned the responsibilities to the students.

House Captain: Aditya Raghu
House Vice Captain: Vedika
Jr. House Captain: Shubh Bansal
Jr.House Vice captain: Kavyaa Mittal

House Captain: Anya Sachdeva
House Vice Captain: Yuval Reddy
Jr.House Captain: Siddarth Anur
Jr.House Vice Captain: Karthik Chidambaram

House Captain: Medha Jagini
House Vice Captain: Agastya
Jr.House Captain: Atharv Jain
Jr House Vice Captain: Abeer Saxena

House Captain: Sanjit.D
House Vice Captain: Pranjal
Jr.House Captain: Prithvi Bhat
Jr. House Vice Captain: Joanna

School Head Boy: Sachin Mehta
School Head Girl: Akshara Vanam
School Sports Captain: Ananya
School Sports Vice Captain: Nitin Gopal
School Jr.Sports Captain: Aditya Vinod

Cultural Captain: Durgali
Cultural Vice Captain: Risha Joshi
Jr.Cultural Captain: Rishelle.

After the responsibilities were assigned, the oath of office was taken by newly elected student council and congratulations followed.

This was succeeded by the chief guest’s, Brigadier Shekhar Naidu, speech. His words encouraged the students immensely. He also handed over the trophies earned by the teams, for various tournaments, to the respective captains.

With this the program came to an end and was concluded with the national anthem.