Things you should consider and compare while selecting a boarding school for your child

It’s very important for every parent to deeply analyze the boarding schools with points mentioned below before enrolling child to any school, because you’re handing over your precious child to school authorities to take care and prepare them for life

About School:

Understand school’s history, people involved in managing the institution, their credibility, social reputation they carry, their mission and vision and how is the performance in past years

School Academic Performance:

Parents should analyze the boarding school performance in terms of academics, sports, music, extra-curricular activities and how they contribute to overall development of child to it to be prepared for life and better citizen of country

Competitiveness and Platforms:

School should have dedicated faculty, programs, labs and latest technologies that enable child to participate in national, international level competitive exams that provide exposure at global level.

Experience and Qualification of Teachers:

Boarding school should have teachers with relevant experience in the subjects and should have undergone advance training , hostel in charge of boarding students should be have very good understanding of child psychology & behavior patterns, problem solving approaches to ensure well-being of child

 Attention given to students: 

Teachers Should Encourage Each and every student in the class to participate and discuss and this generally happens when the class size is less where teacher can have eye contact with students and observe them in personal, check for teacher to child ratio

Infrastructure and Facilities:

Boarding school, should provide healthy environment to live, study sports and extra-curricular activities like music, dance, arts etc., in house facilities and professional trainers mentors are must to identify child’s talent, provide platform to nurture it and prepare child to achieve in their respective interested field chosen

Schools should have excellent facilities in terms of international library, sports playground, swimming pool and required equipment.

Hostel Life:

Dedicated team to mentor child at hostel, provide facilities like good hostel, dining facilities moral support, contribute to overall development in terms of emotional wellbeing, physically active, and monitor child nutrition

Safety measures:

Boarding School should have safe environment with well-equipped CCTV cameras, continuous monitoring of child activities, connect with police to ensure quick measures are taken as and when required

Dedicated ladies Staff for girl Child:

Should ensure they have dedicated ladies staff for girls to understand problems they face support them like how their mothers do especially during menstruation time, take care in of emotional well-being and health.

24*7 Doctor Facilities in campus:

School should ensure doctor facility available at campus and connect with major hospitals in times of emergency, monitor child nutrition and health

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