Weekday Boarding: Win Win Situation for Both Working Parents and Kids

What is Weekday Boarding?

A Weekday boarding school meets its full potential when it is a home away from Home. Call it a move to beat the traffic or to ensure that the child gets the best of both the worlds, parents are increasingly enrolling their kids in school that have weekday boarding facility.

The child stays back in the school on the weekdays and spends quality time on weekend in with their family. The current financial climate means many parents are finding that they both have to go to work.

This can often lead to constant juggle between work commitments and the school runs, often parents feel like the local taxi service taking two cars in different directions to carter for different children interest and commitments.

For those in this situation, it must surely be worth considering the option of the parents who think that for parents and children alike is work in the week.

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Advantages of Boarding school?

  • The primary benefit of boarding schools is that it makes students self-reliant, strong and positive towards analyzing and adapting to an alien environment.
  • However, it’s not only traffic that prompts parents to opt for the weekly boarding system “At home there are lots of distractions for the children. Particularly for the working parents, there is hardly any time to monitor kids.
  • The word boarding school seems to stimulate deep emotions within all parents. Some look upon the concepts positively and will vigorously defend the decision why they have chosen to send their children away to school.
  • Gone are the days of bare floorboards, curtain less windows, reciting poetry outside the housemistress office after light out. Modern boarding school extremely comfortable living accommodation, personal study space and many more facilities according to kids’ requirement.
  • Parent’s portals or intranet and online reports keep parents fully informed of child educational progress and the housemaster or mistress gives an additional pastoral support system for borders, in addition to the tutor from home.

Facilities in boarding

  • Boarding gives your child after school access to the library, computers and assistance from both peers and teaching staff, while they are working on their homework, coursework or projects.
  • Aftar more cost-effective approach than paying for home tutors and far better than dealing with conflicts at home, to push to get homework done.
  • Boarding school generally have small class sizes that help teachers engage every student in the class room
  • The Majority of Boarding school faculty have advanced degrees in their subject
  • Students in boarding school are encouraged to question and discuss wide strange of topics apart from education in open house events.
  • Special training on how to be fit.
  • A Special Care and support for each and every child as it is said each and every child is special.


  • I once thought studying means was always about education but at boarding it has proven that studying Is not only education but also to explore and develop your inner qualities.
  • There are only few platforms that offer invention and innovation Boarding is one of those where students are trained in such a way that they are ready to face the outer world.
  • The simplest way to understand boarding is it is home away from home. Where facilities and students are like the extended family for you, they are there when you need them the most to make you feel comfortable.
  • The best place to test your ability is to join boarding where you can see what you are and what you can be.

In short, rather than spending time on the school bus or in the car to and from school, your child can be studying, taking part in breadth of extra -curricular activities or just relaxing with friends , while you gain hours of additional time to get the chores done in the working week and enjoying the weekends.

But how do you know if your child will thrive in such environment? It goes without saying that every child is different but, speaking from experience, the vast majority will quickly adapt to the weekly boarding experience.

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