Young Builder’s Challenge 2021 – Venkat Tanmay Kumar Participated and won the Amazon Web Services

Venkat Tanmay Kumar of Amaatra Academy participated and won the Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Education-Innovative Cell (Govt of India), Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This is a national level competition which tests the scientific temperament, computational and design thinking and coding skills in young minds.

He won the Young Builder’s Challenge 2021 for his innovative Intelligent Bus Lane Simulator App which featured in the Top 10 Projects nationwide in the Amazon Web Services (AWS). As many as ten schools across the country emerged as winners and were felicitated on 28th November 2021. Amaatra Academy was the proud winner from Karnataka.

Tanmay built an app to simulate an Intelligent Bus Lane, which only comes into being if there is a bus, ambulance or any other priority vehicle passing by.

When a bus or other priority vehicle approaches, the smart lane it switches colour and alerts motorists to clear the lane. The traffic temporarily slows down as it has lesser road space. Once the bus/priority vehicle passes, the lane switches back to a regular lane allowing other vehicles to utilise it, thereby restoring normal speed of traffic.

An observant student, Tanmay noticed that the demarcated bus lanes did not help in easing the traffic

blocks and rather added to the chaos. He developed the app as a solution to help in enabling prompt public transport and emergency vehicles while not slowing down regular traffic drastically, optimizing use of resources and saving time for everyone.

For his efforts the school won a virtual AI/ML lab for one year and an Amazon voucher of Rs.30,000/. Tanmay also received a certificate of appreciation in recognition of his innovative idea to address a real life problem.

It is indeed a proud moment for the nation that young minds are working towards finding solutions which will impact the future of the country. A diligent student, he has made the school, his parents and peers proud with this amazing accomplishment. His success will surely inspire his peers to participate in such competitions and be a stepping stone for many more successes to come his way.

Dr. M R Doreswamy Chancellor PES University and Founder President, PES extended hearty congratulations to Tanmay on his well deserved success.